Limited Edition Print Release w/ SPECIAL OFFER!

We're stoked to offer limited edition prints of:
"Just a Sip" & "Blue Moon"

The first five orders will receive a customized hand embellished print with gold ink and highlights. [& if you order on the release date (1/12), we'll add FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US] There are only 25 of these available... Once they're gone, they're gone forever!

The Cosmic Laugh

This world is a place of wonder and strange happenings. It's always funny (and sometimes magic) to me when things coincidentally line up. More often than not, the "meaning" behind a particular painting of ours can be an absolute mystery to us. It isn't always something preconceived or very well planned out. Generally speaking, the creativity just sort of flows right through us.
Personally, I usually find the most in depth philosophy behind each piece to come from the viewer. I used to make jewelry and every piece was unique unto itself. I always felt that I was making the piece for someone special who would one day find it. I believed it was meant for them. Creating art often has a similar ring. It's wild to see the ways that art really connects to peoples stories and to their souls. I love that.
"The Cosmic Laugh"

This is one of those pieces...  As it turns out, a reoccurring dream that lots of folks experience is one wherein a fox is pointing and laug…


The month of August is a busy one for us, yet simultaneously we're in the midst of somewhat of a downtime. We don't have any shows lined up for the month, so it's keeping us locked into the zone here in the studio. What does that entail, exactly? Well, we've got over 25 pieces of original art to add to our online shop... Several of those pieces need to be transformed into print productions. So, every single one must be photographed and edited before being made available to all you fine folks out there. It sounds simple, but photographing the work is often daunting for me. The lighting has to be just right, otherwise there are shadows or the color may be thrown off a bit and doesn't show true to the original hues. I should probably encourage myself to do a little happy dance or something once I get the perfect shot and have it listed. I know that highlighting it on the list as being done certainly releases a nice serving of dopamine to the brain. When it's comp…

Howdy, folks!

Hello and happy humpday to all of you freaky folks out there!
"The Hangry Hippo"

Today is looking to be mighty fine and it's also the first day of our blog, whoo hoo!  We're pretty pumped about it because this means that we get to share more of our work on a new platform, as well as our process of creating and hopefully meet other artists who inspire us in the process! We have no doubt that this is going to be an interesting, colorful and all around funky place to visit.
In case you're wondering what I mean by that, well, please allow us to take your imagination on a venture to some strange and silly new lands:
"The Disco Angler"

"I Got Your Back"

"Me, My Stuff and I"

↠artwork by Landon Fraker of  ⒸFar Out Arts